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33rd Annual Colorado Council for the Social Studies Conference March 13, 2020

Social studies teachers of all disciplines face the challenge of discerning the increasing volume of and sources of information. To build a relevant classroom for students and future citizens, teachers are constantly developing their own information and media literacy as they vet sources and tailor curriculum to fit their students' needs. Additionally, students need these tools so that they may adapt to an ever-changing globalized environment.


At the conference, teachers will interact with people representing multiple perspectives in the social studies. Working with a variety of methods for interpreting news media and social studies literacy, teachers will be ready to equip their students with increased understanding of the various voices that are or should be heard in a democracy, the ability to exercise their own voices effectively,  as well as the ability to break through the bias of information to analyze a source’s value, limitations, and narrative.  Participants will thus develop an expanded language and toolbox with which to extend student abilities to break through bias to develop a broader understanding of the world around them.

Keynote Speaker Dr. James A Banks

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Anton Schulzki’s is NCSS Vice-President!

 Each year, the National Council for the Social Studies holds elections to fill positions on its Board of Directors and leadership team. Voting for 2019-2020 will begin in December 2018. The NCSS Board of Directors sets policy and the ultimate direction for the organization. As the voice of social studies educators from across the United States and several countries, the Board deliberates on all items of concern to NCSS and to the social studies profession. The Vice President, who serves on the board, is in line to assume the office of President-Elect and President in the second and third year after election.

The CCSS Board of Directors, at its August 18 meeting, voted unanimously to endorse Anton Schulzki as the best candidate to lead NCSS in the coming years. Anton’s tenure as president of CCSS is nearly complete. He has led CCSS through reorganization and conference changes,  has previously served on the NCSS board, and is an award-winning social studies classroom teacher in Colorado Springs with over 35 years of experience.

Anton believes that the most challenging issue confronting social studies educators today is creating and expanding relationships within the various content areas, across disciplines, across levels, with parents, the public, and politicians. Anton believes that we should work diligently, together with our colleagues in higher education, to train the next generation of social studies teachers. He also contends that social studies professionals need to be at the forefront of conversations with the public about how a social studies education is critical for our nation, now more than ever.

The CCSS board knows that Anton has been a leader in his school, district and at the state level, and we strongly support his efforts to lead social studies professionals from across the nation in building those vital relationships.

Anton is in line to become the president of NCSS in July of 2021!

Conference 2019

100th NCSS Annual Conference

Celebrate 100 Years of NCSS!
December 4-6, 2020

Walter E. Convention Center | 801 Mount Vernon Place Northwest | Washington, D.C.

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Colorado Council for the Social Studies received the Gold Star Award from NCSS at the 2019 NCSS annual conference. Pictured L-R: Kent Willmann, NCSS Executive Director Lawrence Paska, Kristin Ayala, and Anton Schulzki

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